I sleep, I dream


For decades we have escaped to the suburbs and outlying small towns, far away from the city. But the cost of seeking a happier, healthier life, is paid in lost time. The hours eaten away by the daily commute between home and work, can not be recovered.

This photography series explores one small and intimate part of the cycle, the few moments of rest between shifts or during the commute. That precious moment of time where we give in to sleep, even though we are trapped somewhere between our work life and our home life. Eyes closed, arms folded across the chest or cradling a backpack, sometimes guarded and fighting the urge to sleep, other times giving in completely, surrendering to vinyl bench seats. My hope for them is that they dream. That they enter an alternative to the daily ritual, breaking the cycle.


  • Ilford Silver Gelatin Paper
  • 12" x 18"
  • signed en verso