Family. Album.

Each object in this series was found on or near the property I live on. Some were found in an old dump site in the woods, others dug up while gardening, and some just appear with the spring thaw.

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Framed color photograph by Jamie Templeton on antique chair.

Sleeping. Dreaming.

A record of sleeping commuters during their daily commute to and from New York City. Shot between 2015 and 2020, this series ended when the 2019-2020 coronavirus pandemic interupted my, and their commute.

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i sleep, i dream - photograph by Jamie Templeton.

Book. I Sleep, I Dream.

More than 7,000 photographs of sleeping commuters were made during a 5 year span while riding the Metro North Rail Road. Approximately 100 of these photos have been sequenced in a self-published book.

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Book - i sleep, i dream - photography by Jamie Templeton.